Responsibily sourced teakwood tiles. Beautiful accent walls with a story to match. Reclaim. Repurpose. Do good.

Surfacing Solution is proud to announce Noblewood;  hand crafted teak tiles with a stunning color and texture to create gorgeous accent walls for your next commercial or residential project.  Each panel is hand crafted by skilled artisans, allowing us to provide a high quality and uniquely-natural element to your next residential or commercial project. 

 All of our Noblewood tiles are created from teakwood that has been rescued and repurposed. Easily add natural beauty to your next project with sustainable sourced and easily installed Noblewood! 

This is a simple landing page and we’re working on the back end to bring more pictures and information here shortly! In the meantime – please see below image gallery and additional links for information downloads!

Installation Gallery

Noblewood Patterns