Forest Elements Wood Mosaic Wall Tiles

These mosaic wood tiles are perfect for your next hospitality, commercial or residential projects. Whether these are being used on full walls, accent walls, bar fronts, wainscots, or anything in between – our wood mosaic tiles are perfect for your next application!


  • Easily installation on to a solid surface (drywall, plywood, OSB, sheetrock, or masonry surfaces) with a standard latex tile adhesive
  • Thermally Modified natural wood panels
    • Naturally more durable and biologically resistant to micro-organisms + insects
    • Reduction of expansion/contraction in wood from seasonal changes
    • Naturally beautiful wood color without any chemicals or treatments
    • Lighter in weight over traditional wood panels
  • All panels are hand assembled to ensure the highest quality
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Thermally Modified not only for the beautiful color, but for durability