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Due to the current state of our country - traveling and offering lunch and learns is currently off the table. Unfortunately - while we can't promise lunch, we thought we would add a break from the daily "work from home" boredom and offer an online class. We'll keep it short, informative, and be here to answer any questions you have. In the end, you get your questions answered and an easy AIA LU credit.

OR - if you're not looking for AIA LU credits but would just like to talk, ask questions, and learn more about our company or our products - "face to face" (the benefit of technology these days) we're here for you! We understand the daily grind can be boring and we're hoping we can help break it up a little bit!


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This course will be approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour - and is a Q+A style presentation. No boring lectures - we promise!  You will earn 1 LU for this course. This is a great way to learn more about how different products, installation techniques, and careful planning can go into creating an aesthetic masterpiece while combating some of the common complaints ("it's too loud in here to hear myself think!)

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Tambour, Faux Tin Panels and Basic Acoustics

Course Number - SS2020-01     Provider Number - 404109136

Course Delivery Type
This course is 1 LU.
This course is Introductory
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About this Course

Introduce real wood veneer and solid wood Tambours. Introduce faux tin-styled panels for walls and ceilings Introduce acoustical materials that absorb, deflect and isolate noise

Prerequisite Knowledge:
Knowledge of interior finishes and how Tambour, Faux Tin Styled Tiles can compliment a wall, ceiling, counter front, pole or wainscoting. How Acoustical Materials help more if added in at the construction stage not an after thought.
Learning Objective 1:
Tambour; Show how real wood veneers or solid woods can add to the decor along with eliminate some noise issues. Ease of use and typical panel sizes.
Learning Objective 2:
Faux Tin-Style Styrene tiles; Discuss designs, colors, sizes, ease of use, Wall, ceilings, back splashes and other applications.
Learning Objective 3:
Acoustical materials; Introduce what products to use for absorption, deflection and isolation. How to eliminate air-borne noise, impact noise, reverberation, vibration and diffusion.
Learning Objective 4:
Once the above three objectives are gone through a 10-15 minute Q&A will follow. Time frame is 1 hour to 1.5 hours