Black, brass, bronze, copper, aged copper, nickel and white faux Tin Ceiling tiles (2'x4') are easily installed without nailing plus save money. Save on solid colored styrene tin styled tiles for walls, backsplashes and ceilings. Above #209 solid colored brass. It is impossible to tell the difference from metal or styrene panels. Plus we offer 31 designs in metal Tin tiles, see separate web page. Also see our Acoustical page to cost effectively STOP NOISE thru walls, ceilings & floors!
See our Three-D page for contemporary styled panels!



Shown above, #309 Solid colored Bronze used in a truly one of a kind bar. Add the luxurious look, and classic touch of a pub styled tin ceiling for a fraction of the cost.(Click to enlarge.)  

#309 solid colored copper. Used in a three season porch. Also use in outdoor porches & carports as panels won't absorb moisture or rust.

#207 solid colored bronze. Both horizontal & vertical surfaces covered for better detail. 3/4" stained wood outside corner was used to cover the corners. Also use on backsplashes & walls.

Use in commercial interiors as well as residential. Thermoformed white #209 2'x4' panels copper painted and installed in a T-grid system by refacing the old tiles. The 15/16" T-grid is painted the same color as the panels. Thermoformed tiles are Class A fire resistant plus have an acoustical absorption of NRC .45 unlike metal tiles that don't. Cleanable so use in food prep areas.

Pre-Cut 23.5" by 23.5" tiles are available for refacing standard 5/8" ceiling tiles! Panels simply glue to existing tile and reinstall in a 15/16" T-Grid system for a fresh new look that's easy to install! Also are available are pre-cut 23.5" x 47.5" tiles. Plus both sizes are available mounted to Class A foam board ready to install into a new 15/16" ceiling T-grid with acoustical absorption of NRC .45.
In stock are 2x2 white thicker 040 styrene self supporting tiles ready to install into a T-grid. Special order other colors at 500 min. Up to NRC of .65.


White #207 installed natural matte white without painting. Also used vertically in the soffit to complete our new look!


White #209 in a foyer. Easily glued-up with our Loctite quick-grab glue.

Black #209 installed in a powder room. Use in humid areas as panels will not absorb moisture or rust and are cleanable!

#320 nickel colored styrene. This contempory design adds to any small or large room. Simply cut panels with a knife or scissors.

Bronze #320. See our Acoustical page to STOP NOISE thru walls, ceilings and floors.


Bronze #204

Wainscot is #T331 Maple Tambour paneling.See our Tambour page. Above is bronze #321.


Tambour is a high quality real wood paneling product with no visible seams between panels. Easily glued-up. Use on walls, ceilings, wainscot, bar fronts, backsplashes, columns & basement poles. See our Tambour page.


Acoustic Decoupler Underlayment stops noise transfer thru carpet, wood flooring, ceramic tile & vinyl flooring. See our Acoustical page.

Noise Control Barrier Stops Noise cost effectively thru walls, floors & ceilings. See our Acoustical page.

click-on for Tambour Panels

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Directions to our Chaska, Mn showroom & warehouse.

Tin ceiling tiles  in thermoformed colored styrene replicate the look of pressed metal tiles. (plus see above page for metal tiles)

For all calls from Canada - please reach us at: 952-448-6566. 

New website coming soon!  Click here to see it early!

Made in the USA and contain recycled materials!
 Tin style tiles (2'x4') in white, black, brass, bronze, copper, fused bronze, aged copper & nickel.

                    White and Black only $13.95.  Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Copper & Aged Copper colors only $19.95.  
(FREE shipping @99+ panels) Durable and thick solid colored styrene. 
                                In stock & shipped UPS the same or next day. Call to order or request samples: 1-800-964-8961.


Easy glue-up install without nailing! Cut with a scissors. 2'x4' panels overlap with the next with no visible seams.   Durable thick 1/32" solid colored styrene in black, brass, bronze, copper, aged copper, nickel & matte white you can install as is or inexpensively paint to match your decor. Achieve an acoustical absorption with NRC .65 by gluing to perforated board & insulation above.

Install into a ceiling T-grid
by refacing your old ugly 2x2 or 2x4 tiles, using new tiles or the old tiles.(see install instructions as glue-up panels need to be cut down and supported) Available are pre-cut 23.5" x 23.5" tiles for 15/16" T-grids. These white & black 2x2 tiles are $6.45 ea and other colors $8.45. In stock for $9.95 are 2x2 white and Black thicker 040 styrene self supporting tiles ready to install into a T-grid. Available in patterns # 209, #309 and #320 only. NRC is .65! Special order for other designs and colors at 500 minimum.
 (Installation instructions)

Also use for backsplashes, walls & wainscot.

Achieve the same look as metal tiles for a fraction of the cost with Allusions faux tiles.
(see page for metal tiles)


New Pattern 210 Tin Ceiling Tile! New Pattern 310 Tin Ceiling Tile!

Introducing 2 new patterns! On left is #210 6" traditional pattern and right is #310 12" modern pattern. Click Images to view larger!
#210 is available in white and black., 2x4 panels. It is a traditional pattern adding class to any area!  #310 is a simple modern pattern only available in White plus can be used as a border around a room with another pattern in the center!
New Commercial Style 509 Tin Ceiling Tile!
Click to view larger.

Our new 24" design, Pattern #509. Great for commercial areas such as banquet halls/restaurants/hotels/retail stores plus your residence in large areas! Available in White and Nickel. 2'x4' panels for glue-up or T-grids and 2x2 panels for T-grids.

Also see our Three-D page for contemporary styled panels!


See Designs and Colors:

  Brass, see 2'x4' of each design: 204, 207, 209, 309, 320, 321
Bronze, see 2'x4' of each design: 204, 207, 209, 309, 320, 321
Copper, see 2'x4' of each design: 204, 207, 209, 309, 320, 321
Nickel, see 2'x4' of each design: 204, 207, 209, 309, 320, 321
White, see 2'x4' of each design: 204, 207, 209, 309, 320, 321
Black, see 2'x4' of designs:  204, 207,209, 309, 320, 321
Aged Copper, see 2'x4' of each design: 204, 207, 209, 309, 320, 321

(request style# & color) or call 1-800-964-8961

      Free samples (recommended as colors can vary in monitors)
White & black 2x4 panel only $13.95. Brass/Bronze/Copper/Aged Copper/Nickel $19.95.

Installation and Information Videos

1. Allusions® thermoformed tin style panels replicate the look of metal panels.  You can't tell they're not metal once installed! (see page for metal tiles) Clearer and crisper detail (vs stamped metal) is achieved in these 2'x4' faux tiles by thermoforming thick 1/32" durable & rigid matte white & solid colored styrene. Be aware that another brand uses thin cheap material. With a sample in your hand you can tell it isn't metal, but once installed on a ceiling you can't tell. Achieve same look  as stamped metal tiles for a  fraction of the cost with Allusions thermoformed panels. Plus Allusions panels can be installed as is in matte white etc while metal panels require painting with oil based aluminum or other colored paints to not rust. Allusions panels will not rust and can be used in humid areas plus are cleanable so USDA approved for food prep areas.
Class A fire resistant. Achieve an acoustical absorption with NRC .65 by gluing to perforated board and insulation above. Made in USA.


2. Inexpensively paint to color desired   to match your decor  or leave matte white and install without painting. Easily spray paint or roll-on (1/2" nap) our matte white styrene panels with latex or oil based paint. If using a 1/2" nap roller for white etc, test application with your latex paint (#204 & #320 are easiest with a roller). An 11 oz can of spray paint will paint about 3 panels in 2 coats at a cost of about $1.50/panel. (ie: Rust-Oleum Aluminum for a steel look, classic bronze for a lt bronze/dk brass look, metallic/antique brass for a lighter/darker look than our colored brass, metallic copper for a lighter copper plus Rust-Oleum hammered brown, gold, copper & dark bronze)
 (before & after installation copper painted) 


3. Easy glue-up install without nailing  even to "popcorn" ceilings. Panels overlap with the next with no visible seams and are 2'x4' (actual panel size is 24.5" x 48.5" to allow for the overlap). Allusions overlap dot dash area allow our panels to install properly and duplicate metal panels creating a more authentic look. Other brands do not have this feature or charge extra for dot dash strips. The 1/32" thick styrene is quite durable but can be simply cut with a knife or scissors. Glue recommended is Loctite clear power grab construction adhesive. Other construction adhesives may be suitable but if not white or clear can telegraph thru the white panels. Achieve an acoustical absorption with NRC .65 by gluing to perforated board with insulation above. Rust-Oleum nickel matches our nickel panels to paint T-grids, outlet covers etc. Behr etc custom match paints for our other colors.

 Installation video of thermoformed tiles  (Installation instructions) (spanish instructions) 

Install in a T-grid  system by refacing   those old ugly 2x2 or 2x4 tiles, using new tiles or bonding 1"x2" furring strips for support and weight.
Create a fresh new look! Glue-up panels need to be cut down for 15/16" T-gid installation by removing the outside dot dash area and supported (see install instructions). Paint tile and T-grid (so they match) to color desired. Rust-Oleum nickel matches out nickel tiles.
Three-D thermoformed styrene tiles are Class A fire resistant plus have an acoustical absorption with NRC .45 unlike metal tiles that don't.

Available are pre-cut 23.5" x 23.5" and 23.5" x 47.5" tiles for 15/16" T-grid ceilings!
Simple glue at the middle to a old or new std 5/8" tile and reinstall into 15/16" T-grid system creating a fresh new look with an acoustical absorption with NRC .35. 2'x2' white & black in-stock tiles are $6.45 ea and other colors $8.45.

2'x4' white & black panels are $15.95 (25 min, allow 2 wks) and other colors $21.95 (25 min). All reface T-grid tiles are sold on a special order basis and therefore only returnable if damaged. Call to order.
 In stock for $9.95 are 2x2 white and black thicker 040 styrene self supporting tiles for T-grids, # 209, #309 and #320. Special order other designs and colors at 500 min. Up to NRC of .65. 
 See #207 & #209 2'x4' panels & T-grid painted same color to match.

Submittal Specs


Use for backsplashes, walls & wainscot. Call 1-800-964-8961 to place an order or request free samples.

#309 nickel wainscot, click-on to enlarge                                                        #209 nickel

Shipping & handling : $22 for 6 or less panels, $33 for 7-20 & $44 for 21+.  Free shipping at 99+ panels.

Email for samples,

request desired style & if a color. Call 1-800-964-8961.  see white styles 
As seen on these TV shows.


See photo of kitchen in ExtremeMakeover using copper painted #209 on backsplash. 

As Seen in Construction Canada1

See six available designs! 

1. #204: See #204 (6" pattern) square pattern painted slat gray. 
2. #207:  See nickel colored #207 .... See copper colored #207
See white ceiling  See copper ceiling
#207 used in an open kitchen plan. (3 areas finished with trim.) 
3. #209: See Bronze colored #209... See Brass colored #209
See white #209 in houseboat.
4. #309 shown at right silver painted  See #309 (12" pattern) faux painted and installed in a Minneapolis restaurant. Around the air vents is our metal filler panel. 
5. #320:  See #320 (12" pattern) spray painted by a customer. and see #320 copper colored 12" pattern #320 can be used in smaller or large rooms. 
6. #321: See #321 (12" pattern) bronze colored.

A white or colored sample is no charge. Please specify which style(s) you would like to see (#204, #207, #209, #309, #320 or #321) and if a color desired and Email or call us at 1-800-964-8961 (hours: 8-4 M-F cst) 
Order Form 

 Panels have greater depth and crisper detail than metal panels and are easily glued up with our Loctite quick-grab glue.  Plus easy glue-up install white/paintable polyurethane EGG & DART CORNICE MOLDING is available. (Installation Instructions)
Matte white finish you can install as is without painting or  paint to color desired including white. See photos of #209 panels in a unique Home theatre - close up or (see full view) as well as in a bathroom - close up or (see full view) or even on a houseboat. Cost to spray paint yourself is only about 60 cents for colors and  $2 for metallic paints.

Reface sagging & discolored T-grid ceiling tiles!

Available are pre-cut 23.5" x 23.5" panels for refacing standard 5/8" ceiling tiles in a 15/16 T-grid! Panels are simply glued at the middle of a std tile and reinstall for a fresh new look! White is $7.95 & other colors $10.95. Also available are pre-cut 23.5"" x 47.5" tiles in white for $15.95 (50 min/allow 3 weeks) and other colors $21.95 (50 min/3 wks).

Panels can be installed into a std 15/16" 2'x2' or 2'x4' T-grid by bonding in the middle to a std fire rated acoustical ceiling tile for support. The outside dot dash area on panels need to be trimmed off for T-grid installation. To see more of the tile and get a better look, convert 2x2 grids to 2x4 grids by removing the middle bar and you can re-use the 2x2 tiles for support. If tiles are warped or are type that set below the t-grid, use the back side of the tile for support of our thermofomred tin styled tiles.
Paint tiles and T-grid (so they match) to color desired.
  see #207 & #209 2'x4' panels & T-grid painted same color to match.
Three-D thermoformed styrene tiles are Class a fire resistant (fire test Page 1 Page 2 Page 3Page 4) plus  they have some acoustical absorbtion (NRC .35) unlike metal tiles that don't. Panels will not absorb moisture and are cleanable so are USDA approved to use in food prep areas. Also can be used in covered outside areas
(Installation Instructions Thermoformed Panels)(spanish instructions) 


6Here is what one of our customers said who installed our panels:
You need to stress how easy installation is. It is not hard work or complicated but wear old clothes especially if you wipe the adhesive off you hands on your pants. It took me 8 hours to do my dining room and 2 hours to do my bathroom. I am a 57 yr old woman who installed this completely alone. I needed a caulk gun, 5 ft ladder, kitchen scissors and rags. The panels are sturdy, easy to apply the Loctite quick grab glue and super easy to cut, bend and mold around lighting fixtures, etc. I used them both plain and spray painted. I used the Rustoleum Hammered Silver spray paint. No one can believe these are not metal tin panels.  

A white or colored sample is no charge. (please specify which one, #204, #207, #209, #309, #320 or #321) Email or call 1-800-964-8961 (hours: 8-5 M-F) 
Order Form 
2Use our very durable thermoformed nickel, brass, bronze and copper colored styrene panels for backsplashes, walls & wainscot. $19.95 per 2'x4' panel. Plus easily glued-up & knife cut. 



Thermoformed styrene #209 painted dark bronze and installed in home theatre.

Above Thermoformed styrene #309 faux painted.

See VIDEOS Below!
#209 White Styrene

#320 White Styrene(Click here for 6"panel designs)(Click here for 12"panel designs)(Click here for 24"panel designs)CornicesSpanish Installation InstructionsInstallation Instructions Page 1

Installation Instructions Page 2







Installation Instructions White Styrene Panels (spanish instructions)