In stock are Tambour panels in solid wood, wood veneer, metallic and colored finishes for walls, wainscot, bar fronts, columns, poles, ceilings and T-doors. Shown above Maple Tambour panels cherry stained and installed on one wall in a great room. Tambour is a high quality real wood paneling product with no visible seams between panels. Easily glued-up. Unfinished so you stain and match your decor. 

Shown below, Stained T383 at the Kava Cafe, Located in New York. Click Image for larger picture.



Use on one wall. Bedroom behind the bed as an accent wall. Maple available in 1/2" or 3/4" strips in real wood maple veneer 4x8s and Solid T383 half round 1x8s plus 1x3 panels for wainscoting. Special order any solid wood styles in maple.


Maple wood veneer Tambour T331FMstained and fire-rated varnished by us as an option. Installed on the ceiling & wall in luxury hotel rooms.



Solid T383 Cherry Tambour panels installed on a wall to dress up an entrance. All our solid wood styles are available special order in cherry & maple at min quantity of 25 1x8s.

Shown as wainscot, T331F in Maple. Above is our tin ceiling design #321 in bronze colored styrene. See our TIN CEILING page for more information!




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Shown above KavaCafe, T383 Stained Red Oak Click for larger Image.


Tambour Close-up Photos 

Tambour Photo Gallery, see for bar fronts, columns, ceilings & walls.T331FR (3/4" stips) & T631FR (1.5" strips) oak.

T338 mirrored aluminum

Available: 025 Anodized Aluminum sheets for interior finish & case goods. Save $. Call for details and samples.


  Shown above: T233 brushed aluminum & T231FR stained red oak 

SurfacingSolution manufactures a complete line of flexible Tambour panels. Sold direct to you (shipped via UPS) and IN STOCK for decorative or DOOR use is a complete line of solid wood, wood veneer, metallic and colored panels. Available are custom sizes in solid wood for tambour door applications.

All our solid wood Tambour is FSC CERTIFIED.

Solid wood styles: 374, 375, halfround 383 (all .75" wide strips), 382(mini halfround), 530(1.25"), 675(1.5"), 864(2") & 868(2"). SEE CROSS SECTIONS BELOW. Red oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, ash, hickory, white oak, walnut & poplar for painting. All 1'x8', some styles/species 1'x3' at lower psf price plus custom sizes available for Tambour doors or decorative use. Some styles and wood species limited sizes or special order (minimums) so call for info.

Wood veneer styles: 231(.5" strips), 331(.75"), 631(1.5") & 831(2"). Red oak, cherry, maple, teak & walnut. All 5/32" thick. All 4'x8'. #831, 2" strips, red oak

Metallic styles: Brushed aluminum  233(.5" strips) & 333(.75"). Mirrored brass & aluminum 337 (.75") & 338 (.75"). All app 5/32" thick. All 4'x8'.

Colored styles: 231unw (matte white pvc,.5" strips,4x8) & halfround 387LB (gloss black,.75",1x10).
See Photos: (click-on)
1. 1.5" oak tambour (T631FRP) in an auditorium 
2. See 3/4" oak tambour easily installed on a wall & columns 
3. See for walls, wainscot, bar fronts, ceilings & columns. 

Install on one Wall to add quality/warmth to a living rm, bedroom, den etc. No visible seam between panels & easily glued-up.  Wood Tambour features high quality unfinished plain sliced real wood veneers and is available in 1/2". 3/4", 1.5" & 2" strips See 2" Red Oak, #831. Panels shown are unfinished, so you can poly/stain to match your decor. On Sale for $96.  

Red oak T631 (1.5" strips) & oak or maple T331 (3/4" strips) are perfect for WAINSCOTING, walls or ceilings and are available in 4x8, 2x8 & 4' x 32" panels. Plus see the three solid wood styles available in 1x3 panels (red oak, maple, cherry, hickory, ash & mahogany). Use outside corner or quarter-round molding as top cap for wainscot. Also in stock is 1/2" strips in red oak, maple & cherry. Use for basement pole wraps. 



T331FR, red oak (3/4" strips) 



Also available is mirrored aluminum or brass (3/4" strips)  and brushed aluminum (1/2" or 3/4" strips). Use on backsplashes in kitchens. Plus other specialty finishes such as white or black and paintable Tambour panels.

Email samples@surfacingsolution.com or call 1-800-964-8961 for free samples of T331 or T631 oak for wainscoting, walls & poles or specify any other item you want to see. Builders/Millworks/Cabinet Shops & Architects/Interior Designers please request our Tambour sample card.

Panels easily install with  Loctite brand Power Grab panel adhesivewith its quick grab formula eliminating the need for nails while waiting for the adhesive to cure. Plus NO visible seams between panels. Installation Instructions to a wall etc and use as Tambour door Twelve 10.1 oz tubes per case at $48/case or $45 at 3+ cases (use one tube per 4x8 panel). When INSTALLING TO A POLE, put our factory trimmed edge at the top and your cut at the bottom so no trim rings are necessary saving you a lot of money. If desired you can use 1" oak trim tape at top/bottom. Glue to pole with our Loctite adhesive. Tambour surfacing solutions for ceilings, walls, wainscot, bar fronts, columns, basement poles, pipes along walls or ceiings, table bases, planters and furniture! 

We can stain match and apply a Class A Fire Retardant Intumescent Varnish for an additional charge. We also stock and make custom sizes in solid wood for Tambour used for actual "Tambour door" applications. Solid wood T383 style is in stock in red oak, maple and cherry in 3', 4', and 8' slat lengths. The T374 style is in stock in red oak, maple, cherry and hickory in 3' slat lengths. Standard dimensions across the slats are 12", 19.5", 24" and 30". 1'x8' panels net size is app 12" x 95" (sl). 4'x8' panels net size is 47.25",47",46.5",46" x 95" (sl)(length shipped is 96" but only 95" guaranteed as good). Our installation instructions address usage as "Tambour doors" (click-on below).Samples: email us at info@surfacingsolution.com 


Enlarged Tambour Cross Sections

 Click on following pictures for larger image.



Enlarged Tambour Cross Sections 

Installation Instructions for installing on poles and columns.

Installation Instructions. See our Loctite brand Power Grab panel adhesive that eliminates the need for nails.